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About Faces of SSU

Faces of SSU began in 2012, with the vision that our community would begin to have more conversations with each other and share their own experiences. Through these conversations and experiences our Seawolves would then begin to realize that we are all people with good and challenging experiences, that we all have good and bad days, and that we are more than how we look, or sound, or appear to others. We are interconnected through SSU. We are all so much more than just faces in a crowd. We are Seawolves. 

All Faces of SSU have been selected by academic schools, the Alumni Association, or prior to 2022 through a nomination and review process by a committee. To be qualified, nominees had to meet certain criteria including being actively involved in an organization or department on campus and being willing to share their stories and have them on display for other Seawolves to see. 

Faces of SSU are displayed through written and digital formats and banners and posterboards located in the Student Center and The Schulz University Library. 

Faces of SSU is sponsored by Student Involvement and Entrepreneurial Activities Marketing.